City Life Org – MTA Announces Spring 2022 Semi-Annual Travel and Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

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L, G, Q and 7 lines with the highest customer satisfaction rates

268,500 customers submitted reviews

View the Spring 2022 Semi-Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey for LIRR and Metro-North here

View the Spring 2022 Semi-Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey for NYC Transit here

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today announced the results of the Spring 2022 Semi-Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey for New York City Transit (NYCT), Metro-North Railroad and Long Island Rail Road (LIRR). The survey is used to gauge MTA customer satisfaction by receiving feedback on the customer experience at the Authority’s agencies. The scope of the survey covered a wide range of topics ranging from service reliability and punctuality to station cleanliness and personal safety.

Customer satisfaction has been a key part of the MTA’s strategic initiative to improve the overall customer experience as it continues to welcome customers back into the transit system. The MTA has taken unprecedented steps since launching the Customer Satisfaction Survey last year and continues to welcome customer feedback on a semi-annual basis.

“Our North Star is improving and staying focused on customer satisfaction,” said New York City Transit President Richard Davey. “We take feedback seriously and want all of our customers to feel confident that they will receive reliable and safe service every time they take the metro and buses. We are excited to have more people coming back to ride and look forward to learning from their continued feedback.

“Ensuring our customers the best possible experience is our top priority, said Catherine Rinaldi, president of Metro-North Railroad and acting president of LIRR. “We appreciate our customers taking the time to complete the survey, and we are listening to their feedback as we once again welcome more passengers on both commuter trains.

“The customer satisfaction survey shows that our customers find their experience of using all modes of public transport to be better overall,” said Shanifah Rieara, Acting Chief Customer Officer of MTA. “New Yorkers let us know what they like and what they think needs work, and we appreciate their participation in completing the survey. We will do everything we can to make our customers feel more at home. ease, whether they use the metro, buses and suburban trains.

For this latest survey, here is a breakdown of participation:

  • 175,000 New York City Transit Subway customers submitted reviews
  • 47,000 New York City Transit bus customers submitted reviews
  • 22,000 LIRR customers submitted reviews
  • 21,000 Metro-North customers submitted reviews
  • 3,500 Access-A-Ride customers have submitted reviews

The Spring 2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey was conducted from June 14 to June 27 and was offered in nine languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Italian , Haitian Creole and Bengali. The survey was also offered to customers over the phone for those who preferred to speak to a live agent. The MTA, in total, received 268,500 ratings and survey responses. The Authority also initiated a change in the methodology of the survey conducted in the spring of 2022 by standardizing and unifying the scale across all agencies, eliminating the neutral option and unveiling a new ten-point scale, rather than the previous one in five points. scale presented in the fall 2021 survey.


Overall satisfaction with personal safety on trains has increased for LIRR and Metro-North since the last survey was conducted in fall 2021. For Metro customers, the top concerns were safety and security. For bus customers, overall satisfaction increased and top customer concerns included service and reliability.

Below are the customer service highlights of each of the MTA locations:


  • Overall satisfaction has increased two percentage points to 81% since the fall 2021 survey.
  • Satisfaction with the LIRR line increased for almost all lines. Port Washington’s scores rose a significant seven percentage points from the fall 2021 survey to 85%.
  • The top drivers of satisfaction for the LIRR are primarily service-related, including service reliability, punctuality, and seat availability.
  • Rates are the most important satisfaction factor for LIRR customers.
  • The Oyster Bay and West Hempstead branches have gained four percentage points since the last customer satisfaction survey conducted in the fall of 2021.


  • Overall satisfaction remains extremely high with 87% of customers declaring themselves satisfied or very satisfied.
  • The main drivers of satisfaction relate to service, which includes service reliability, punctuality and seat availability.
  • Punctuality, reliability of service, seat availability, personal safety on board, safety against accidents, and cleanliness are all ranked in the middle to top 80 percentiles.
  • The Hudson, Harlem, and New Haven lines all had high overall satisfaction scores ranging from 85% to 89%.
  • Nearly two-thirds of customers say their main reason for riding less often is the ability to work from home.



  • Satisfaction rates are 48%.
  • Safety and security were indicated as extremely important to metro customers, and satisfaction scores in this area remain low.
  • Key factors that are very important to the overall customer experience on the metro include personal safety on trains and stations, erratic behavior of people on trains, service reliability and roaming on trains.
  • The Eastern Pkwy–Brooklyn Museum subway station was the highest rated subway station with an overall rating of 91% and a cleanliness rating of 87%.
  • Service attributes also appear to be very important, with higher satisfaction scores.
  • Among those using the subway less now than before COVID, personal safety was the most cited reason for reduced usage.


  • Local, Limited and Select Bus customers provided a satisfaction rating of 63%.
  • Bus customers are more concerned and less satisfied with service than with safety and security.
  • Key factors that are very important to Local, Limited and Select Bus customers include wait time and service reliability.
  • Important key factors include crowding on buses, travel time, wearing masks on buses, cleanliness, fares, unexpected delays and personal safety.
  • Express Bus customers are 76% more satisfied overall.
  • The SBS M86 bus was the highest rated bus route with a route rating of 91%.
  • For those reducing the use of local, limited and selected buses, service quality and COVID issues were the most mentioned reason, and the ability to work from home was the most mentioned reason for the reduction in use among express bus customers.


  • Access-A-Ride customers provided a 61% satisfaction rating.
  • Of the attributes measured in the survey for AAR service, pickup on time and ride that showed up were the most important, and both are rated lower by customers than their overall experience.
  • Key factors important to customer experience include drivers’ ability to drive safely, travel time, and the ability to secure the ride for the requested day and time.

The MTA ran a strong outreach campaign to invite participation and ensure a statistically valid sample. Outreach included an extensive marketing and recruitment campaign, including direct emailing to 2.2 million MTA customers. Customers were also informed through the Authority’s social media channels.

The MTA will continue to engage more deeply with the subway and bus management teams of Metro-North, LIRR, and NYC Transit to provide additional detail and context to the results of the Spring 2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey. .

The MTA’s top priority is to work with the Service Delivery, Customer Journey Experience, Accessibility and Communications teams to help define and support improvement initiatives.