Vincent Van Gogh, the tortured 19th-century genius who imbued sunflowers and the starry sky with turbulent human emotions, committed suicide 131 years ago. But our devotion to his brash and brilliantly colored paintings never wavered. In some ways it has cleared up. “Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience,” a virtual exhibitRead More →

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa .– A spring 2022 graduate seminar focusing on Earth systems will build on the experiences of William Easterling’s four-year appointment to the National Science Foundation, where he served as deputy director and chief of the Geosciences Department. The seminar, GEOG 530 Human-Environment Interactions, is also open toRead More →

The University’s DRC strives to educate students with disabilities about possible classroom arrangements that may be beneficial in their coursework. Emilie Urfer The McNamara Alumni Center captured on Sunday December 5. With the fall semester classes ending, the University of Minnesota’s Disability Resource Center (DRC) is working to ensure thatRead More →

Key conceptsspringsElasticityWeightDistance introductionHave you ever played with a Slinky, used a pinball machine, written with a click pen, or ridden in a car? If so, then you have used a spring! Springs are in machines all around us and have many useful functions. In this activity, you will learn anotherRead More →