Broadway Cruise plans to set sail in spring 2023

The great white wave is ready to reach the high seas

From March 31 to April 5, 2023, aquatic-minded Broadway superfans can get their sea legs aboard a luxury cruise from New York to Bermuda alongside some of the biggest names in the business.

Cruise lines run many different types of themed cruises, including excursions for wrestling fans, cat lovers, knitting circles, genealogy enthusiasts, and every musical genre imaginable. Decades like the 50s and 80s, TV/movie themes like Harry Potter and The Walking Deadreligion and even NASCAR attract travelers of all ages and walks of life to the ships.

broadway on the high seas

This particular trip will feature several Tony nominees and winners, including Laura Benanti (Gypsy), Kristin Chenoweth (Nasty), Alan Cumming (Cabaret), Sierra Bogges (The Phantom of the Opera), Lena Hall (Hedwig and the Angry Thumb), Joshua Henry (Scottsboro Boys), Jeremy Jordan (News), Taylor Loudermilk (mean girls) and popular parodist Randy Rainbow.

The five-night cruise on the impressive Norwegian Gem ship offers a variety of accommodations, entertainment venues, dining options and payment plans.

In addition to large-scale performances from the star-studded lineup, Broadway cruisers can expect intimate concerts and cabarets, plus industry tips and information. Planned events include immersive experiences such as celebrity meet-and-greets, panel discussions, late-night singing, and Broadway-style karaoke and bingo.

For those who have been coached by family members who love Broadway, there are also plenty of non-theatrical activities and excursions available to keep them sane.

The Broadway Cruise 2023 Poster

Navigating the high seas (expensive)

Although the prices are generally all-inclusive (despite the small printing costs), the holiday would not be considered economical, especially since the duration of the trip is less than a week.

Given that the clientele (largely tourists looking to get closer to Broadway’s elite) are probably used to shelling out big bucks for Broadway tickets, the cruise might seem like good value. For example, 2 people could book an inside cabin on The Broadway Cruise for around $3,000 per couple.

Although this amount includes the basics (meals, lodging and entertainment), it does not include alcohol, spa services, daily onboard charges, automatic 20% gratuity, airfare before or after cruise, ground transportation or accommodation, specialty restaurants or tours, events or meals at ports of call. These additional costs can add up very quickly.

All on the same boat

Naturally, lavish entertainment with high production values ​​has been a mainstay of cruise ships for decades, but fans of musical theater tend to be more discerning when it comes to the acoustics and sound experience of it all.

Passengers need not worry as Sixthman, the company behind the business, has over 20 years of experience in outfitting ships for exactly these types of businesses. Plus, with such a range of opportunities, guests are sure to find a show to enjoy.

What motivates Broadway stars to embark on such an adventure? Well, that’s good work if you can get it.

Norwegian Gem Cruise Ship for Broadway Cruise
Sun terrace on the Norwegian Gem cruise ship

2017’s “Broadway on the High Seas” Didn’t Do Too Well

In 2017, lead actress Melissa Errico was invited to perform and bring her entire family on a “Broadway on the High Seas” cruise hosted by Playbill magazine. The my lovely lady The star was a little flustered when Phil Birsh, president of Playbill Publishing, called Errico (along with Broadway stalwarts Alice Ripley and Brian Stokes Mitchell) together to inform them that the 250 fans were NOT stalkers. She noted that everyone was on display for better or worse, guests and performers alike.

But it wasn’t all easy. There was seasickness. There was vulnerability. There were life jacket drills. And there were casual reminders from guests that talent was still seen as hired help.

A passenger remarked without thinking that they would give Errico a high rating, an unintentional critical comment intended as mere praise. In the end, Errico enjoyed the gig, especially the camaraderie with his peers, but none of them ever forgot they were there to put on a show.

In the wake of the pandemic, Broadway luminaries may not be as willing to mingle so freely.

Not the only ship in town

Some may consider a Broadway cruise slot, but the sheer number of cruise lines offering similar experiences suggests otherwise.

In addition to The Broadway Cruise (a big deal, of course), people looking for maritime musicals can look to Playbill Broadway Cruise (a smaller, more intimate vibe), Seth’s Big Fat Broadway Vacations (run by the eminent music director Seth Rudetsky) and even Disney Cruise Lines (more family-friendly), for theatrical-themed vacations.

Disney, in particular, went beyond simply inviting Broadway stars to perform, but staged their own trademark musicals, written and designed expressly for their fleet of ships.

Theater inside the Norwegian gem
Theater Inside the Norwegian Gem cruise ship

COVID precautions

The Broadway cruise has been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, meaning the next cruise in 2023 will be its maiden voyage. Strict safety rules and protocols have been put in place to ensure everyone’s safety.

All guests 12 years and older (including all performers and crew) aboard The Broadway Cruise must be fully vaccinated and present proof of vaccination to board.

In pre-pandemic times, the only mask was worn by the Phantom, but now, although face masks are not currently required, things may change closer to the date.