BOM warns Queenslanders of wetter weather and flooding in spring and summer

The Met Office said Queensland is unlikely to experience a major bushfire season, but is instead warning of a wetter than normal spring.

Despite the sunshine, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has forecast cold conditions with low temperatures 5-6 degrees below average for the rest of this week.

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Meteorologist Laura Boekel these conditions will be like those seen in the summer.

“In terms of the outlook, it really tells us that all of Queensland should be aware that we expect an increased chance of seeing above average rainfall this season.

“So there are no specific locations that we can point to in the outlook, it’s very wide and it covers quite a large part of Queensland,” she says.

BOM informed the cabinet on Monday of the upcoming conditions, which are similar to the La Nina event that devastated parts of the state in February.

“The good news is that we are not expecting a big bushfire season, but we are expecting a wetter than normal spring,” First Annastacia Palaszczuk said Monday.

“These conditions could be similar to conditions in the summer of this year.”

– First Palaszczuk

Meanwhile, the Minister of Emergency Services Mark Ryan encouraged Queenslanders in the area to prepare for the grass fires.

“For people in the north, center and west, there is still a significant chance for you to experience a grass fire…you need to be prepared for this season.”

-Marc Ryan

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