Blackpool Pleasure Beach icon to get an upgrade next spring

A new feature arrives at a Blackpool Pleasure Beach ride, Icon.

Two seats at the back of the merry-go-round twist and turn freely – throughout the ride.

The new addition, known as ‘ENSŌ’, is a first in Europe and should make the UK’s first and only dual-launch roller coaster even more exciting.

Icon’s exhilarating high-speed acceleration, electrifying twists and breathtaking interactions will all be transformed to a whole new level by ENSŌ.

Icon launches racers with the same acceleration as a Formula 1 car, soaring and plunging through numerous interactions with other rides before hitting a second launch that propels racers above Blackpool Pleasure Beach and up ‘at the end of this exciting journey.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach icon to get revolving seats next year

ENSŌ magnifies these thrills and creates a whole new experience for those who dare to deform.

Many Pleasure Beach enthusiasts are excited about the new upgrade.

One person said, “I can’t wait to ride it.”

Anne tagged her friends and said, “If we thought the icon was bad on Halloween, who will take the new rear seats that shoot next year?”

Another said: “This is my favorite trick – be interesting to try. ”

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Managing Director Amanda Thompson OBE met Mack Rides Managing Director Christian von Elverfeldt and Sales and Marketing Director Thorsten Koebele at the recent IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) in Orlando to sign the agreement.

Upon signing this contact with Mack Rides, Amanda Thompson OBE comments: “We are delighted to be working with Mack Rides again. We have a long-standing relationship with the Mack family and this continues the close bond between our two families. ENSŌ promises to be an exciting addition to ICON and I can’t wait to see everyone warp next year.

Lancashire Telegraph: LR Thorsten Koebele (Mack Rides), Amanda Thompson… Beach), Christian von Elverfeldt (Mack Rides)LR Thorsten Koebele (Mack Rides), Amanda Thompson… Beach), Christian von Elverfeldt (Mack Rides)

ENSŌ is a sacred symbol in the sense of Zen Buddhism circle, or sometimes, circle of conviviality. It is traditionally drawn using a single brushstroke as a meditative practice to let go of the mind and allow the body to create, as the singular brushstroke allows no modification.

Like the symbol it is named after, once you step aboard the merry-go-round, clear your mind and allow your body to experience the intense and exciting experiences of ENSŌ. Dare to twist!

ENSŌ will have guests at Blackpool Pleasure Beach from Spring 2022. For more information visit