Augusta Area High School Sports Awards Spring Nominees

The Augusta Chronicle is proud to announce the nominees for Spring Sports Players (Baseball, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis and Track & Field) of the Year for the Augusta Area High School Sports Awards at 7:30 p.m. May 17 at the Columbia Center county performing arts. All winners will be announced at the show, produced with support from orthopedic specialists Augusta-Aiken, Burke Health and EZ GO.

More than 200 high school athletes from across the Augusta area will be honored at the show. The show will also name Players of the Year for more than 20 sports and will include several major awards including Players of the Year, Teams of the Year, Coaches of the Year and a Courage Award.

Learn more about the program and the athletes who have already been nominated on the show’s website here.

Nominated athletes must register for the event here.

Each nominated athlete will receive a free ticket for admission to the show. Other tickets can be purchased here:

The Augusta Area High School Awards show is part of the USA TODAY High School Sports Awards, the nation’s largest high school sports recognition program.

Here are the Spring Sports Player of the Year nominees:


After:The Top 24: Here’s the 2022 Augusta Chronicle High School Baseball Team

Lleyton Lackey, father, Evans

Matthew Roa, father, Evans

Hunter Thompson, So., Evans

Reid Akins, father, Evans

Riley Akins, father, Evans

Gavin Wright, Sr., Lakeside

Davis Wilson, Sr., Lakeside

Tryston McCladdie, Jr., Harlem

Sebastian Neave, Jr., Augusta Prep

Adrien Clark, Sr., Augusta Prep

Jack Wise, father, Westside

Bryson Nuckols, Jr., North Augusta

Jahkari Howard, Sr., Burke County

Myles Heatwole, Jr., Burke County

Marshall Flowers, Jr., Burke County

David Bell, Sr., Greenbrier

Tyler Rowland, Sr., Greenbrier

Jackson Smith, Sr., Greenbrier

Aaron Flink, Sr., Greenbrier

AJ Trupp, Sr., Greenbrier

Kamron Stalcup, Jr., Grovetown

Reid Teston, Jr., Grovetown

Jeb Bradford, Jr., Augusta Christian

Eric Doyon, jr, Augusta Christian



Wyatt Carey, Father, Edmund Burke Academy

Walker Gantt, Father, Greenbrier

Mitchell McNeill, Sr., North Augusta

Davis Neal, Jr., North Augusta

Brady Bentley, Jr., Davidson Fine Arts

Elijah Price, Sr., Burke County


Kate Parviainen, Sr., Lakeside (winner)

Mia Sessa, Sr., Augusta Prep

Anna Wicklum, Jr., Greenbrier

Karleigh Taylor, Sr., Burke County

Kinley Awad, Father, Evans

Kaylee Mcelwain, So., Aiken

The Crosse


Alex Becker, Sr., Lakeside

Davis Pinson, Sr., Lakeside

Aiden Wadlow, Jr., Lakeside

Brooks Weeks, Jr., Lakeside

Jonathan Baker, Sr., Evans

Breton Crewe, father, Evans

Cavin Strawser, Jr., Evans

Gavin Gil, So., Evans

Peyton Herrick, Sr., Greenbrier

Joe Meyer, Sr., Greenbrier

Evan Rubinchak, Sr., Greenbrier

MacDaly, Sr., Greenbrier


Carly Smith, Jr., by the lake

Paige Andrews, Sr., Lakeside

Savannah Butler, So., Lakeside

Reilly DeLoach, Sr., Lakeside

Sarah Horner, Jr., Lakeside

Bailey Ledbetter, father, Evans

Meghan Jennings, Sr., Evans

SheKinah Bennett, Sr., Evans

Emma Polhill, Sr., Evans

Gracie Cooper, Sr., Greenbrier

Erin Andrews, Sr., Grovetown

Leah Shelt, Sr., Grovetown


After:Here are The Augusta Chronicle 2022 All Boys and Girls High School Football Teams


Carson Glidewell, Jr., Harlem

Whitt Tisdale, Sr., Augusta Westminster Schools

Connor Lutz, Sr., Westminster Schools of Augusta

Fabian Klawa, Jr., Evans

Thomas Woo, by the lake

Connor Spies, father, by the lake

Toby Stanton, Sr., Lakeside

Ethan Schomacker, Sr., Grovetown

Braden Windtrode, Sr., Grovetown

Nasrudin Mohamed, Sr., Grovetown

Tano Naputi, Jr., Grovetown

Ben Holton, Sr., North Augusta


Carolina Rivers, So., Richmond Academy

Brianna Conner, Sr., Richmond Academy

Macie Wier, Sr., Richmond Academy

Sage Connolly, Sr., Augusta Prep

Beatty Joseph, Sr., Augusta Prep

Maria Boni, Jr., Augusta Prep

Natalie Benson, Sr., Westminster Schools of Augusta

Maya Brown, Sr., Greenbrier

Summer Fox, father, Evans

Wren Chochol, Father, Evans

Madison Johnston, Jr., Grovetown

Grasyn Whiddon, So., Harlem



Grant Pysczynski, Sr., Greenbrier

Grayson Zgol, Sr., Greenbrier

Rader Ketterman, Fr., Westminster Schools of Augusta

Jack Perry, So., Westminster Schools of Augusta

Finley Hain, Sr., Lakeside

Sam Mercer, Jr., Evans


Taylor Reickert, Sr., Thomas Aquinas

Jenna Oremus, Fr., Westminster Schools of Augusta

Nidia Constantin, Sr., Greenbrier

Julia Clemente, So., Lakeside

Kendall Hodges, father, Evans

Katie Duplantis, Jr., Augusta Prep



Hayes Trapp, Jr., Augusta Prep

Gregory Graham, Sr., Davidson Fine Arts

Davion Benjamin, Sr., Glenn Hills

Ricardo Freeman, father, Laney

De’Marion Calloway, Jr., Josey

Sean Medcalfe, Jr., Westside


Sinclaire Fryer, Sr., Laney

Simone Rojas, Sr., Evans

Kennedy Myers, So., Lakeside

Anetra Graham, So., Lakeside

Aine Trapp, So., Augusta Prep

I’Mani Lowry, Father, Glenn Hills