Any defensive coordinator Tosh Lupoi after Spring Training No. 15

Oregon held a final practice Monday afternoon to wrap up spring training. Following the conclusion of the 15th Spring Practice, Defensive Coordinator Tosh Lupoi spoke to members of the media for about 12 minutes to recap what he saw on his side of the ball on Saturday and what was to come for his defense this offseason.

Here’s everything Coach Lupoi said on Monday.

Who are the best defense havoc wreckers?

“It’s a revolving door. It’s a competition every day. We make a lot of cards to cause havoc; plays that disrupt offense: sacks, TFLs, interceptions, PBUs, batted balls. It’s a constant competition that the guys have done a really good job of embracing it. It’s always changing. It’s really cool to see these guys competing and attacking the ball.

How indicative of the rest of spring training was DJ Johnson’s spring game?

“I think he’s a special person because he’s his own toughest critic. So he’s constantly trying to find ways [to get better], studying the game. He’s a guy who’s really active in hitting me and doing the extra work of whatever it takes to grab any advantage. Obviously, playing him a lot more attacking and tight end, I think he felt a bit behind at the start. He did a good job of progressing. As you have seen, there are flashes of greatness there. He knows he still has something to improve, and he will. We will tackle this together, but I am excited about the future with him.