A&M Spring Depth Chart Quick View: Cornerback

The Texas A&M cornerback room was stripped of injuries in 2021, an issue that started at the Spring Prom and followed them until the end of the season. In the long run, the payoff will be a deep group that starts to get more athletic with each season than Aggies boss. Jimbo Fisher builds his list.

In the meantime, this is going to make Spring Ball an interesting place as so many players are coming out of end-of-season surgeries that many of them may not be quite ready to compete in March and April.

The starting duo of Jaylon jones and Tyreek chappell just needs to stay healthy. Jones has the size and two years of starting experience. In a job group where no one remained healthy, its availability was an underrated attribute.

Chappell used last spring to turn heads even though he was the least advertised member of the defensive recruiting class the Aggies signed in 2021. The sophomore was aggressive and lacked the ability. change direction and play with the ball. Propelled into a starting role because everyone was injured, he was arguably one of the best defensive players at the end of the year and won several freshman honors in all conferences and all American honors. Second year player Deuce Harmon also used last spring as a stepping stone to be able to contribute in 2021 even though no one thought he would have to do so at the time.

Myles jones started most of 2020 and had his best season ever, but was injured late in the campaign and spent the entire offseason trying to regain his health. He never really succeeded and was put back on the shelf after struggling in very limited shots. Brian george took his place and the former four-star in the junior college ranks had both the size and the underrated quickness to keep things ahead and make saves on almost everything. Josh moten fell last spring and he’s part of the new breed of corners that A&M is bringing who can close on the ball, has great hips, but isn’t as big as we’re used to seeing.

Moten is probably the most advanced in terms of availability for the spring ball as he was injured earlier than the others. A&M will likely be cautious about the position given what happened to people who fell in 2020 and then tried to play in 2021.

Among first year students, Denver harris and Bobby taylor are the first to register. Both have a length that will have to depend on position and the ability to redirect people to be successful at the next level. Much like Chappell and Harmon last year, missing players will allow them to get a lot of reps and give people an early idea of ​​what A&M has in this role going forward.