All flights to Brussels axed until spring next year, Ryanair confirms

Irish airline, Ryanair, has announced that it has cut all flights to Zaventem Airport at Brussels Airport until spring 2023, following high fuel costs and flight tax.

In this regard, Ryanair Managing Director Michael O’Leary stressed that the winter will be “extremely difficult”, reports

According to the announcement provided by National World, the decision will take effect at the end of September. This means that the two planes that Ryanair has at Zaventem airport, as well as about fifteen planes at Charleroi airport, will now be canceled.

The Irish airline has announced that Ryanair Brussels flights will now be moved to Charleroi or other neighboring countries.

In addition, Ryanair’s Managing Director confirmed that flights from Zaventem will increase due to a new flight tax at the airport, adding that fares are 300-400% higher in Zaventem than in Charleroi. .

O’Leary added that the fee hikes were not conducive to the resumption of air traffic, stressing that the changes would make other airports more competitive.

“This winter is going to be deeply difficult, with higher fuel costs, so an increase in airport charges like in Zaventem is not sustainable”, he underlined.

Earlier, the airline confirmed that it would stop operating flights from the Greek capital for a period from October 2022 to March 2023.

Such a move came due to the airport’s dysfunctional pricing system and led to the withdrawal of two planes, cutting scheduled flights by nearly two-thirds.

Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine led to a significant increase in oil prices. It was a key reason Irish airline Ryanair’s CEO previously said there would be no more €10 ($10.33) flights.

Ryanair’s CEO pointed out that Ryanair’s average fare was €40 last year, equivalent to around £34, but he stressed that it will now increase.

“We think €40 needs to evolve to maybe €50 over the next five years. So maybe the average fare of £35 in the UK will drop to £42 or £43,” he underlined.

Ryanair’s CEO has previously pointed out that although the airline is known for its low-cost flash sales, current prices are unsustainable.

There is no doubt that at the bottom of the market, our really cheap promotional fares, the 10 euro fares, the 99 cent fares, even the 9.99 fares, I think you won’t see those fares in the next few years,” he said. underlined, as the BBC reports.

However, the airline does not plan to increase the prices of its offers. The airline will still offer available seats at 19.99 and 29.99.