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AggieYell – Post-Spring Review: DE continues to watch Aggie’s football team after spring training with a defensive update.

Fadil Diggs has positioned himself to start this season.

Participating players

Junior Fadil Diggs

Red Shirt Freshman Tunmise Adeleye

Redshirt freshman Jahzion Harris

Freshman Anthony Lucas

Elijah Jeudy, freshman in red shirt

Summer Additions

Freshman Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy (missed spring due to injury)

Freshman Enai Blanc

Freshman Shemar Stewart

Freshman LT Overton

Freshman Malick Sylla

Redshirt sophomore Braedon Mowry (missed spring due to injury)

Positive developments

• Diggs and Adeleye looked like starters

• Lucas was very impressive in his first spring

• Major injuries avoided

Negative developments

• Haven’t seen much of the 2021 4 stars (Jeudy and Harris)

• Reserve roles and rotation still highly questioned

What we learned

That there is still much to learn. We found, however, that Diggs and Adeleye looked like the real deal and could be listed as starters right now. Diggs is relentless and Adeleye’s combination of size and speed makes him a rarity. Lucas may have topped every other end already on campus with a stellar spring, but nothing is complete until we see the five newcomers. All could impact how both depths look at the start of the season.

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