Age Of Empires 4 Roadmap Reveals Spring Launch Date For User-Generated Content

Almost a month after its first launch pitting the peak of human muscle against medieval siege technology, Age of Empires 4 developers World’s Edge and Relic Entertainment laid out plans to develop the game’s final chapter of real time strategy.

Winter 2021 update will add over 100 balance updates, in-game player scores, more performance fixes, Chinese Dynasty UI changes, and mini tweaks. -card.

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According to the Age of Empires 4 team, the balance changes will make elite crossbowmen, lancers and crossbowmen a much more deadly threat to cavalry units, the repeating crossbow technology of Chinese civilizations will be more affordable and the Mongol faction’s higher mobility benefit will be adjusted to make sure the speed modifier is applied correctly.

In the Spring 2022 update, user-generated content and tools will be added to the game, allowing players to experience unique maps and modes created by the Age of Empires 4 community. Ranked seasons will also begin, each. season lasting 12 weeks and adding a chance to earn exclusive in-game rewards based on performance in competitive modes.

Age of Empires 4 Roadmap

Beyond these two major updates, World’s Edge and Relic Entertainment explained in a Xbox wire post that player feedback will continue to shape the game, with studios currently seeking constructive responses on the following features:

  • Global build queue
  • Unit Stat Map Improvements
  • Keyboard shortcut improvements
  • taunts and cheaters
  • AI difficulty
  • Waypoint indicators

In our Age of Empires 4 review, we rated the game 7/10 and noted that its “most innovative ideas are overshadowed by a gameplay formula that rarely deviates from Age of Empires 2’s revered heritage.” .

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