5 Best Games to Buy on the Xbox Spring Sale 2022

The Xbox 2022 Spring Sale has started and there are plenty of major titles with notable discounts. Xbox Spring Sale 2022 is one of the major sales offered to its users. Like previous editions, players have many options.

Players can enjoy some of the best evergreen titles from previous years. There are also options among newer titles that players can alternatively acquire. While more than 500 titles are available for users, choosing the top five is not an easy task.

The following five names were selected based on some essential factors. While the quality of the games is paramount, their discount percentages and shelf lives have also been considered. The names are in no specific order, and players can pick up any or all of these five titles to get the most out of the Xbox Spring Sale 2022.

The five best titles to choose from during the Xbox 2022 Spring Sale

5) Borderlands 3

Developer: Gearbox

Publisher: 2K

Reduced price: $14.99

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands may be the last Borderlands game in the news, but players now have a great alternative. For those who have yet to play their latest entry in the mainline series, Borderlands 3 is offering a steep discount on the Xbox 2022 Spring Sale. The game continues on the story of the previous two games and adds innovation to the mixed.

Borderlands 3 offers players the opportunity to travel the crazy world of Pandora while pursuing their missions. They’ll find plenty of loot, including peculiar weapons and interesting armor. There are many NPCs and side quests that players will enjoy during their main campaign.

The Season Pass and more expensive editions are also on sale, bringing DLC ​​with the base game. Players can not only enjoy an exciting story, but they can also play the way they want with flexible customization and four-player co-op.

4) Red Dead Redemption 2

Developer: Rockstar

Publisher: Rockstar

Reduced price: $23.99

Rockstar isn’t having the best time with some of the recent decisions related to the GTA series. None of this will bother gamers when they try out another famous series under the same publishers.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out for a while now, but is proving to be an evergreen game. The latest version of the series is arguably also one of the best in the series. As part of the Xbox Spring Sale 2022, it’s over 60% off.

Offering both FPS and TPS outlook, Red Dead Redemption 2 is easily one of the best open-world games. From slaying enemies to hunting animals and exploring the land, there are a seemingly endless number of things to do in the game. Players will feel like they are living in the real Wild West, and there are some cool features to other Rockstar hits.

3) Cyberpunk 2077

Developer: CD Projekt Red

Publisher: CD Projekt Red

Reduced price: $29.99

There has never been a better time to grab Cyberpunk 2077 after the introduction of patch 1.5. The game sat on a list of broken promises for a long time and failed to live up to its hype. Most of the things that were supposed to come with the game didn’t, and the launch was terrible.

However, the CDPR did not relent and the next-gen update was a vital step in the game’s journey. Patch 1.5 brought the next-gen update for the game on both consoles. Additionally, it revamped several gameplay areas.

The Night City now feels more alive and better, and reception has been positive in the month and a half since its release. Fans who purchase the game from the Xbox Spring Sale 2022 will be able to get it at a steep discount. There are also rumors of an upcoming expansion that will amp up the game’s value in the coming days.

2) Chance of rain 2

Developer: Hopoo Games

Publisher: Gearbox

Reduced price: $6.99

Risk of Rain 2 is the second game in the rogue-like shooter series and offers a brilliant execution of the TPS genre. The game continues with the formula of the first game as players play as survivors on an alien planet. They must navigate different monsters and biomes in their conquest to survive.

Risk of Rain 2 allows players to play in teams of four, and each character in the game offers something different. The game has also received significant content additions lately. Risk of Rain 2 is a perfect example of a game that’s easy to play and hard to master.

1) Sekiro Shadows dies twice

Developer: FromSoftware

Publishers: Activision, FromSoftware

Reduced price: $29.99

Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s most recent masterpiece. However, the Xbox Spring Sale 2022 offers another great experience for fans. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Complete Edition is available at a deep discount.

Sekiro continues with the hit formula evident in other games in the Souls series. However, the emphasis on story and role-playing is more important. It is purely a single-player experience, but offers gear to customize player character builds. It’s a great game for anyone who has enjoyed Dark Souls and Elden Ring in the past.

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