3D printer supports spring design to meet your product innovation anywhere

Last year, Ming Tai implemented Markforged 3D Printer in a collaborative design service. 3D printing makes manufacturability no longer the limiting factor in product design.

Of course, this not only optimizes the process of spring designbut also brings huge benefits for the benefit of customers and Ming Tai as follows:

The advantage of this new process will be:

  • Quick sample creation
  • Low cost
  • Optimized design
  • Manufacturability
  • Time to market

This case of innovation is a spring motor drive system, which extends and retracts a screen. Let me share a case with you. Not only is space limited but the form of space is cylinder. To respond to this limitation and bring the greatest efficiency to this space, Ming Tai designed a mechanism as below.

Like the common design, a spring is not possible to achieve the torque we need. As you can see we use three constant torque springs in one mechanism, in the middle, is an output drum, connected with three springs. Thus, it can generate three times the output torque compared to a single spring.
This design can achieve the goal of providing the greatest torque in a limited space.

It is also worth mentioning that the way of connecting the spring and the output drum is a best example to show the advantage of using 3D printing technology make a sample.

This connection method is easy to assemblecompared to using screws to connect.
However, if we want to manufacture this part with machining, the cost will be very high, the 3D printer has just overcome this big problem: the sampling fee is too high for the development stage.

As for the method of connecting the mechanism to their part, they send the tube of their product to us, so that we can make sure the part is just fit in the tube, if not, we can adjust the printed part before shipment.

When the customer receives the part, they can simply simplify the assembly of the part and start testing the performance.

Our printer is very precise dimensions and the strength is sufficient for engineering use. We are waiting to receive your inquiry for the development of new products. We are more than welcome to provide you with our printing service. Let’s explore this new technology together.