260 Unit Apartment Community Project in Spring Hill

SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WTVF) – A mixed-use development project in Spring Hill would bring more than 260 apartments and commercial space to the community on the Maury County side of the line.

“Right in the middle we hope to have a large open lawn with a dog park, which will be open to the public, we want a number of trails, walking areas, open spaces, which are not just for residents and the tenants and merchants of the properties themselves, but really to serve as a neighborhood hub for everyone to come together, walk their dog, play, meet people, have a coffee,” said Andy Zhu, developer of Pentagon Holdings.

Zhu said they were in talks with the city to put a traffic light at Derryberry Lane and Port Royal Road. Neighbor Sally Babiak worries about traffic in the morning and evening.

“Traffic isn’t bad in the afternoon, but boy, when you have people who want to go fast, they go fast,” Babiak said.

Elizabeth Payne is a real estate agent who lives nearby. It supports the proposed development. “Infrastructure is always an issue in central Tennessee with all the growth we’ve seen,” Payne said. “However, density and housing is what helps solve this traffic congestion problem that we have and with this development we are right. On the corner of 65 is perfect. This is where you want your high density be.


Proposed development

Plus, she said it would allow more workers to live and play in Spring Hill.

“We need a place for our entry-level workers so they can afford to live here, and they don’t have to live on the outskirts, especially now that gas prices are so high – that’s critically important,” Payne said.

According to Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Rebecca Melton, more people are moving to Spring Hill every year.

“With some of the recent announcements about the increased demand for labor and some of our industries here, we definitely have a housing shortage,” Melton said.

The next meeting of the planning commission on the proposed project will take place in August.

“We obviously hope for favorable approval, these things always take time,” Zhu said.

Additionally, other large-scale developments are happening nearby. June Lake aims to bring thousands of homes to the area, and Kedron Square is also a large-scale development.