2022 UCF Football Spring Game Player Predictions: Mikey Keene, John Rhys Plumlee, Kobe Hudson, Kemore Gamble and Lee Hunter

ORLANDO — Every UCF spring game will be a little different. Injuries, transfers and new personnel – players and coaches – are dictating these changes. The Knights being now in the second year of the Gus Malzahn Time at UCF, there is still a lot to decide.

Here are the questions to be answered in Saturday’s instrasquad contest.

What a quarterback Mikey Keen or John Rhys Plumleeplays best?

Is UCF showing a definitive starting offensive line or will there be a slew of combinations being used that suggest there isn’t a definitive offensive line yet?

As for new talent and a player who has just emerged, which attacking player is showing up and playing the best, based on the following tweet?

What do we see from the linebacking group? Does anyone really go beyond Jeremiah Jean-Baptiste?

With so many talented and experienced defensive backs, where do players like Justin Hodges, Divad Wilson, Jarvis Wareand brandon adams cheek?

Which of the defensive linemen can be a setter to help supplement the size and skill of the defensive tackles? With Ricky Barber and Lee Hunter are the expected starters, but there are still Keenan Hester and Antoine Montalvo as well.

There will be other matchups and players that people will notice during Saturday’s contest. Just enough time to sit down and watch it.

Quick note: Look for a recruiting podcast tomorrow to discuss UCF prospects coming to campus and where the Knights stand with them on Saturday. Be sure to subscribe to The Daily Knight on YouTube or one of the podcasts listed below.

Here’s a podcast that tackles those questions and more, as the UCF Spring Game is about to unfold.

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