2022 Spring Creek Pro National Motocross Race Report

In the 250 class, the story remained the battle between the Jett brothers and Hunter Lawrence. After Hunter Lawrence took the red plate for the first time in his Pro Motocross career when entering the Southwick National last weekend, he had his worst race of the season and restored the points lead to his brother. Jett who had a perfect 1- One day.

Hunter needed to bounce back in Spring Creek as his now 15-point deficit was the biggest the championship had exploded so far this year between the brothers. Neither rider would qualify fastest on the day as Justin Cooper earned that honor, but the bikes created a different story.

The first 250-class bike turned out to be possibly Brother Lawrence’s best battle of the year after Hunter took the lead early on, but Jett pounced and grabbed his brother right away. Hunter then came back to Jett a few laps later and the battle was really on. In a rare occurrence so far this year, Hunter was able to complete the pass and pull away from Jett a bit in the middle of the moto.

Jett wasn’t finished though as he picked it up late in the race to catch Hunter for the lead as the two-lap board was shown. Hunter misread where some lap runners were going to pass him and got caught on the outside, allowing Jett to take the lead. Despite a valiant charge on the last lap, Hunter couldn’t get back to his brother as Jett Lawrence took the first moto win.

In the second moto, it looked like things might go Hunter’s way as he came out early, but unfortunately the red flag would fly for Thomas Welch who was down hard. Welch would eventually come back on his own, but the race needed a full restart. When the gates fell again, Hunter was buried and Jett was right in front.

After passing Justin Cooper on the second lap of the race, Jett Lawrence would take off from there to head for the second moto win and notch his second consecutive 1-1 performance on the trot. His championship lead is now open at 27 points.

“The starts were really good, they were really consistent today, so I was super happy with that,” said Jett Lawrence. “The bikes were definitely much better. Even more improvement. We can always improve and make ourselves better… The first one was definitely a dogfight. I was there all along with Hunter. The second was a little easier. I had that gap and then it was just kind of a hold from there to see if Jo [Shimoda] would push where I needed to intensify it or I could just hold.