2022 Spring Creek National Trackside Stats, Vlogs, Runner Quotes and Raw Video

Ken Rosen | 26-12 for 16th overall

“Millville was once again very difficult. I was really good in qualifying, but I didn’t make a lot of changes on the bike. I struggled, but the biggest problem was that I fell into both bikes, pretty big ones too. I was lucky and did very well in both crashes, but the crash in the first run was a bit heavier; it took me a long time to get going again as i was basically against the grain. I was dead last, and after that, I couldn’t really advance much; I didn’t feel too good on the track. It was a really tough weekend with terrible results, but sometimes that’s how it goes. I can’t wait to start again next weekend and then we’ll have two free weekends where hopefully we can make a lot of gains and then push hard for the final runs. The first stop is Washougal, and I can’t wait to see the beautiful scenery and get back to racing.

Marshal Weltin | 24-15 for 19th overall

“I really enjoyed the track all day. The Martin family do a great job preparing the track and making sure everything is in place.” Weltin then described the intensity on the track. “I had some good battles with my teammate Brandon Hartranft and also with Alex Martin, so it was cool to fight with Alex in his last race at Millville before retiring from the sport. We are very good friends, so it was cool to have a good clean run with each other I ended up doing 14-15 on the day of 16. I’m still looking to gain a few more positions but overall, I’m happy to be consistent and stay off the pitch.”

Says Dustin Pipes, Twisted Tea/HEP Motorsports/Suzuki Team Principal:

“Spring Creek did not disappoint. The mechanics did a great job making sure Hartranft and Weltin were connected all day. Brandon was very consistent with thirteenth in both motos for tenth overall. struggled in moto one to pick up the pace after a close to the start but his final run was really good he finished sixteenth overall you can expect to see these guys pushing for better starts and better results in the last five rounds.

Class 250

RJ Hampshire | 5-4 for 5th overall

“It was a dogfight all day, but I felt like I rode pretty well. Second run, I felt more comfortable but I had to ride so hard. It’s a little frustrating, but I feel like we’re probably riding the best I’ve ever had and we’re in control, we just need a little more speed. I’ll be going home this week and I’ll have a pretty good setup for next week.

Max Vohland | 4-6 for 6th overall

“I had a good day today and took a few steps in the right direction. I rode very well all day – from practice to the bikes. In the first moto I got a start among the top five and moved up to third but ended up being edged out for third on the last lap In Moto 2 I had a good jump and was in good position to fight for a podium in the general and a couple of guys fell and got red flagd so I had to regroup and just didn’t get the second start jump I needed and had to fight my way up ‘ in sixth place. We certainly have positives to take away for Washougal and we will continue to fight for that podium.

Hammaker Seth | 8-7 for 7th overall

“In Moto 1 I got off to a brilliant start at the front of the field, and it was good to be fighting up there near the podium for the first part of the race. I just needed to clean up some things in the middle. of the race which cost me a few places. In Moto 2 I started a bit further in the top 10, but I had a stronger performance throughout the race to come back seventh overall. I want always be higher in the standings, so we will continue to build and look for ways to improve in this second half of the season.

Ryder DiFrancesco |13-8 for 8th overall

“Throughout the day I really focused on what the team had to offer and did my best to execute improvements on the track. I think that showed with my consistent gains throughout. of the day, from qualifying to the motos. In the second moto, it was great to fight in the top 10 for the whole race and to finish eighth overall, it’s great. Both of these pro races were a great experience of learning and I look forward to continuing this momentum at Loretta Lynn.