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    Best Lawn Care of Sandy Springs and Metro Atlanta

    Lawn Care Sandy Springs provides full lawn services in Sandy Springs and metro Atlanta. We are honest, family-owned lawn service company that is dedicated to resolving any lawn issues with your yard. If you are in need of standard maintenance or have a  severely diseased yard, we have our lawn experts that can support any needs. With 20+ years of lawn care experience, we've seen pretty much everything. We are focused on keeping your lawn healthy throughout the year. Lawn Care of SS considers you as our family where we provide you 100% guarantee and satisfaction.

    Our Services

    Lawn Care of Sandy Springs has the best prices for all your lawn care needs in Sandy Springs and metro Atlanta. We offer a wide range of lawn services to suit anybody's situation; big or small. These including Landscaping, Lawn Maintenance, Trees & Shrubs, Aeration, Landscaping, Trees & Shrubs, Lawn Aeration, Lawn Clean-Up, and so much more.

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    ​Landscaping in Atlanta GA and beyond

    Components of landscaping can appear to be stressful if you have brown grass, ant mounds, and bare spots. You need a yard that you can be proud of and pleasant to the eye; however, you don't have a clue where to begin. Well, Sandy Springs Lawn Care is at your side and ready to help you with all your challenges and landscaping upkeep. The experts at Lawn care of SS understands all the difficulties in keeping a healthy lively and fresh yard. Leave the headaches and the dirty job to us while we transform and create a beautiful lawn that will have your neighbours envious of your landscape.

    Landscaping begins with a plan to create an attractive yard by modifying the current design, planting trees and shrubs, and adding decorative features. The landscape design includes natural elements like shrubs and trees, flowers, and grass as well as fountains, sheds, furniture, walls and barriers, and even the walkway.
    Create an outline of your landscape by sketching an overview of the area. Use this overview as your basic blueprint for your yard and slowly add elements. Consider the lawn and the maintenance your yard will need. A grassy front lawn is beautiful and sets the tone for the rest of the area.
    Call Sandy Springs  Lawn Care, to provide you with yard services that meet your needs. Included in premier services for your lawn upkeep are mowing, aeration, tress, and shrub care, spring, pest control, and fall clean-up as well as expert lawn services

    Sandy Springs Lawn Maintenance

    Lawn mowing is one of the basic services performed by landscape care companies. Mowing turf at the correct height is vital to the density and the health of your turf. Mowing removes leaf tips and triggers plants to form new growth and maintain turf density.
    A lawn that is mowed too short can cause more weeds to grow and invite heat and drought damage. Long grass is difficult to mow, and the long clippings create more work for the mowers. Using a lawn service will keep your lawn at the ideal height. We take the load off your hands and keep your landscape looking beautiful all year long.


    Pest Control
    Walk across your yard. Do you see insects flying up from the turf? You should feel safe and relaxed when you are out in your landscape, but that’s difficult when pests are crawling or scampering under surfaces. Sandy Springs landscape maintenance knows this dilemma is vexing, and we can help resolve your problem. Our experts have the right plan in place to kill all your annoying pests. We are locally owned and operated business offering you superior pest control in Sandy Springs that rids your landscape of stubborn insects.
    Call lawn service in Sandy Springs for a free estimate on eradicating pests. We can take care of pests like:

    • Ants
    • Boxelder bugs
    • Flad
    • Siders
    • Ticks
    • Termites
    • Wasps
    • Green June Beetle
    • Leaf-hoppers
    • Mole crickets
    • Japanese beetles
    • Several more
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    Trees, Shrubs, and Improving Site Conditions in Fulton County

    There is a definite difference between trees and shrubs and how they improve your current site conditions. Trees can grow to over 20 feet tall with trunks more than 2 inches in diameter. Shrubs are smaller than trees and have slight, and woody bark stems that grow from the ground.
    Trees and shrubs are used to provide shade and give your landscape dimension and beauty. Trees and shrubs planted with a plan provide more value and ambiance to your property. Use fruit, flowering and shade trees, and evergreen shrubs to add personality to your lawn. Trees and shrubs are the foundation of landscape plantings, and you need to consider several items before planting.

    ​Consider these tips when planting trees and shrubs in your landscape:

    • Planting along property lines using trees and shrubs provide a privacy screen.
    • Large shade trees bring ambiance to outdoor living areas.
    • Landscaping closer to a house brings benefits to the ambiance of your home. Consider the structure of trees and use smaller trees like redbud, Japanese maple, and dogwood to work well in landscaping close to your home
    • Consider the growing conditions of your landscape while you are selecting trees and shrubs for your yard. Determine if the light in the area is shady or sunny. How will you get water to your trees and shrubs? Are there organic materials and compost in the soil, or is the soil clay or light sand? Determine the pH of the soil before you plant trees and shrubs.
    • Hire a lawn services company to help you determine the best areas of planting for your trees and shrubs.

    ​Ideal time for Lawn Aeration in Sandy Springs

    Lawn aeration is done in the fall or spring to control lawn thatch. Using an aerator, our lawn experts  will create holes in the soil to help turf grow. If you have a compacted lawn, aeration improves soil drainage and triggers micro fauna and microflora, and encourages worms that keep the soil healthy.
    You do not need to aerate your landscape each year if your grass is doing well. Aeration is advised, however, every year for clay-heavy soil that is impacted by traffic. If you are renovating your yard or installing a new yard, soil aeration is recommended.

    ​Once you have aerated your lawn, you will notice unsightly plugs. These are the cores off the top of the lawn, but do resist the urge to remove these plugs. After a few watering or rainstorms, these plugs will work their way back into the lawn and provide microorganisms and nutrients to the soil and lawn.

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    Most efficient Lawn Clean-up in Sandy Springs GA

    Our lawn maintenance includes many key tasks as part of the clean-up service. Clean-up means clearing away debris like dried leaves, branches, and other clutter. With the overabundance of trees in Atlanta, this can be a daunting task. We include the following with our Lawn Clean-Up service. 

    • Clear away leaves and branches
    • Haul away and compost debris
    • Mow the grass
    • Re-edge and clean out the garden and flower beds
    • Define the borders of the yard
    • Re-seed dead and dying areas of the yard
    • Prune and trim trees and shrubs

    We provide valuable services in the fall like raking up and hauling away leaves and tree limbs and vacuuming leaves from all grassy areas.
    Why should you hire a Sandy Spring Lawn Care? All the reasons listed above, plus the care and attention we give to your landscape is valuable. You may enjoy doing landscape work, but a professional will clean up and maintain your landscape quicker, more professional, and leave you to relax and enjoy your landscape.

    Hardscaping in Atlanta

    Here at Sandy Springs Lawn care services, we provide more than just landscaping. Our team of professionals and experts are trained to deliver high-quality hardscaping services through designing and building that dream hardscape you always wanted to have. From custom walkways and patios, stairs and steps, and even decorative retaining walls, our team can do it for you!

    Our team makes it a habit always to put our customers' preferences in hardscaping. We strive hard to achieve hardscape designs that fit your budget, taste, and your overall goal. With a mission to utilize the art of landscaping to help raise your home to the next level of aesthetics, we are always ready to serve you!

    The Best Hardscaping Team In Sandy Springs
    Why Choose Us?


    Our lawn experts have in depth knowledge on all types of grass and trees to provide the ideal maintenance plan to ensure a perfect beautiful yard. With the common lawn problems such as brown patches, bare spots, disease, etc. our lawn experts strategically develop a plan to nurse your lawn back to health.


    You can always count on us to stay on schedule with all your maintenance plans. We understand our clients are busy and we're here to care for your lawn and reduce your stress. We strive for perfection and guarantee our service for 100% satisfaction.


    Lawn Care Sandy Springs offer affordable pricing where we won't lose to our competitors. We are happy to match if not beat their prices. Give us a call for a quote and we're confident we can offer reasonable prices for all your lawn needs.

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    We have the best price Lawn services in the Atlanta area. Call on Lawn Care Sandy Springs for a total package of landscape maintenance and care. Be sure to ask about our promotion then you will soon experience a landscape that will be the envy of the neighborhood. SS lawn service will answer the phone when you call and be at the worksite at the prescribed time. Our customer support and work are high quality and designed to give you the time you need to enjoy your landscape. Submit a quote or give us a call, and we will provide you with coupons to help make your lawn maintenance more affordable.

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