UCF Football Players Spring Countdown: Center Matt Lee

Orlando – There are many ways to rate players on a football team. Pure talent, talent plus job importance, talent combined with the scheme, etc. As for UCF, the following represents the first of 15 players who are critical to the Knights’ success in 2022. The complex formula that led to this is still subjective, but involves the following traits.

Talent, position, positional flexibility, experience, the ability to help new players, and the ability to elevate the game of other players are all factors. Yes, it’s complex, but it’s also the nature of football. Keep in mind that this is definitely not a list of the best players, in order, or anything close to it. These are the players who not only need to be strong individually, but who will need to find a variety of ways to help the team.

That said, we start with a returning starter along the offensive line and one of the most stable veterans on the Knights.

matt lee

Position: Center

Height: 6’4″, 295 pounds

Experience: Started 22 games with the Knights over the past two seasons. Also saw action in four games in 2019 when he donned a red shirt.

Expectations 2022

Will be vying for All-AAC honors and awards beyond conference affiliation. Also a potential 2023 NFL Spring Draft pick.

What makes Lee important

Experience, above all. Ultimately, the ball should reach the quarterback without any problems. No matter which quarterback(s) take snaps during a game, Lee needs to make them as comfortable as possible with every snap. Many games are lost with the quarterback-center trade. It is also a position where you have to be very intelligent.

While snapping may seem basic, there’s a lot more to it than many think. Go ahead, try hitting a quarterback with a shotgun while a 310-pound defensive tackle is right in front of your slamming hand and ready to charge to the sidelines on an obvious pass. This leads to his strength, of which he has plenty.

It’s the life of a center in college football, and Lee has done very well in these situations using his brains to help with technique just as much as he has his strength to parry big defensive tackles.

Overall, Lee took very good defensive tackles and won the wars. He did it while being good at pro passing and running blocking. Lee is really an excellent football player. However, its role is yet to expand.

Help others

Lee can help set up protections, make adjustments for pass protection, or make sideline suggestions regarding run calls, double teams, and more. more important than ever, Lee is someone other offensive linemen can count on to learn from and lean on when needed.

This year’s UCF offensive line has a chance to be really good despite the new faces. A lot of talent. Lee is in the middle of that, figuratively and literally as the center of play. He will help the group play together and possibly lead the Knights to a special season on the court. With the likes of Isaiah Bowser, Johnny Richardson and Mark Antony-Richards all returning to the backfield among others, there’s a legitimate chance to rush for over 200 yards per game and lead the AAC in team yards. by competition.

If that happens, rest assured the big plays will be a lot easier for receivers like Jaylon Robinson, Amari Johnson, Kobe Hudson and Ryan O’Keefe as well. Also, don’t forget tight ends like Kemore Gamble and Alec Holler.

Every time Lee makes a line-call change, assists another offensive lineman in their mission, or performs a fantastic block, he also helps his teammates be better. This is the bottom line.

Next up: Wednesday, a look at one of UCF’s most explosive point guards.

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