Traveling by car during spring break? That’s what it might cost.

It’s no secret that traveling by vehicle has become quite expensive lately.

That said, spring break and summer seasons could be great if you plan to travel to another city or state.

We can all complain about prices (and we do, believe us) or we can settle in and prepare for what it means for our wallets this travel season.

Do you drive from here to Chicago? Maybe cross country? Do you take an economical vehicle or the huge SUV in which you transport the whole family?

Regardless, there is a website where you can estimate what you’ll pay for gas, round trip, based on what you’re driving and how far you’ve driven.

Here’s how it works.

You can select one-way or round-trip and enter your information, including the city of departure and arrival, as well as details about the type of vehicle you are driving.

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In turn, This site will tell you how big your tank is and how many miles per gallon your vehicle will get around town and on the highway.

Below is a screenshot of what you can expect to see when you visit the website.

GasBuddy. (Screenshot from

Once you have clicked on the “calculate my trip” button, you will receive a plotted route, as well as an estimate of the total cost of the trip.

It’s so simple.

We cannot guarantee that the price is exactly what you will pay, but the calculation is based on current gas prices, so the estimate should be relatively accurate.

You can also see what gas prices look like at different pumps around you as you travel, by using this tool.

Are you planning to travel by vehicle soon? Click here to find out what you could pay for your trip.