Top Utah Spring Camp 2022 Headlines: Week Two

After the second week of spring camp, Utah football has made progress and has a better idea of ​​what the roster will be and its potential in the fall. With notable quotes from head coach Kyle Whittingham, Cameron Rising, Jaylon Glover, Dalton Kincaid, Clark Phillips III and tight ends coach Fred Whittingham, the 2022 season is shaping up to be very special.

Although there is no chance of anyone beating Rising for QB1, ThiccBoi7 understands the importance of proving himself every day.

“I still think there are things I need to tighten up. Make sure I’m more effective on the offensive side and just make sure my completion percentage goes up…and make sure I prove that I’m the best guy to lead the offense each and every day,” Rising explained.

First-year running back Jaylon Glover is turning a lot of heads, including head coach Kyle Whittingham’s.

“Definitely. He’s very mature and doesn’t act like a kid who should still be in high school. He has a terrific work ethic and is organized in all facets of his life. He wants them with his goals and c he’s a guy who we think will be very important to us,” Whittingham said.

Jaylon Glover understands the importance of preparation and is preparing to be a contributor from day one.

“We are going to the first game of the swamp and being at home, I would love to hit the field. It would be a big step for me. Just to play in front of my family and I want to hit the pitch. I feel like I can do great things and that’s why I’m here today, to try to do this job to make sure I can do these things,” Glover said.

Brant Kuithe and Dalton Kincaid turned down combined NFL invitations to win more games at Utah and put themselves in a better position for next year’s draft.

“Both [Kuithe and Kincaid] had been invited to [NFL] combine and both of them turned down that invite to the combine,” Fred Whittingham said, “I just think they both felt like, you know, there were things to work on in their individual games and personal development. Also because of the COVID year last year, this upcoming draft is a bit overloaded with players and especially in tight end position. So I think they both made the business decision to stay here for their final year here and then put themselves in a great position for the next year’s draft.

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Dalton Kincaid also shared that he decided to return due to “unfinished business”.

“I think [there’s] just a lot of unfinished business more than anything. We want to come back and win the Pac-12 championship again and finish what we couldn’t last year. Whether it’s the championship or the Rose Bowl, whatever it is, just win this year,” Kincaid said.

Kyle Whittingham is happy with the safe position and several guys are starting to ramp up.

“So far. Cole Bishop is a terrific player, you saw him last year when he started as a proper freshman. Kamo’i Latu is really making progress. Darrien Stewart is doing a great job , Bryson Reeves is also getting good reps. RJ Hubert is also 100% healthy right now,” Whittingham explained.

Utah’s defense is focused on creating more turnovers for 2022.

“The most important thing individually and I feel like in the corner piece is to continue to be consistent, to work on our technique and we want to come out of the spring healthy…we want take the ball more. That’s our biggest goal. We didn’t have enough turnovers last year and I feel like it’s starting in the spring,” Phillips said.

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