SNOW SCENE: Magical Lake Louise in Spring

Winter doesn’t suddenly end at Lake Louise Ski Resort, it winds slowly but surely towards its inevitable conclusion.

Life slows down a bit.

It can feel like the dead of winter when it’s t-shirt weather in the base area.

After a ski season that started with strict COVID-19 restrictions and very few options for the community events that can make a winter in the Rockies so special, it feels like we’ll all collectively have earned the spring.

“Our spring conditions are amazing,” said Leigha Stankewich, events and communications manager at Lake Louise. “The skiing is fantastic in the high parts and the back bowls, because the snow maintains its quality up there. As you sail through the base area you will start to get the classic spring slush, which is always great fun, and hopefully the sun is out and you need to wear your sunscreen. This is definitely my favorite time to ski.

The fact that Lake Louise is magical in the spring will be nothing new to area skiers and boarders, so it’s probably not worth stressing: if you love skiing or snowboarding and love the weather which is somewhere above absolutely freezing, well you’re not going to have a bad time in Lake Louise.

There are a few things worth knowing, however. If you happen to be a season ticket holder, now is the time to renew for the 2022-23 season. For those who were passholders this season, family passes for next winter are currently on sale for $2,499, which means you’ll save $900 if you book by May 15. 2022. There are savings to be found on just about every other season pass too, from midweek to student passes to senior passes, and there are installment payment options to help you out, too.

“It kind of locks in your pass for next season, and we hope everyone will come and join us for next year,” Stankewich said.

And of course, Lake Louise being Lake Louise, there are also some big events to end the year.

It starts with Mount Slushmore on April 30. In partnership with Banded Peak Brewing, this promises to be a huge après-ski event – also happens to be free – with a performance by a yet-to-be-announced artist and pond skimming for thrill seekers strong all-ages starting at 11 a.m., though it’s worth noting that kids 17 and under who want to participate need their parents to sign, as you’d probably expect.

“We work with Banded Peak Brewing, and they have a beer called Mount Crushmore, so it’s a play on that,” Stankewich said. “That should be a lot of fun.”

And finally, to end the season on a high note, Lake Louise will host a Cardboard Box Downhill Derby. The mountain favorite challenges the contestant to build the fastest sled using cardboard, string, tape and glue and can usually be relied on for wild eliminations.

The conditions are also solid.

“We’ve had one of our best snow years ever,” Stankewich said. “We had more than seven meters of snowfall. April still sees a little bit here and there, and it usually keeps our snow quality going until closing time, May 8 being our last day. We are quite excited.

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