Purdy & Figg launches limited-edition Zingy Spring, an eco-concentrated cleaning spray – Retail Times

Revolutionary brand of eco-cleaning Purdy and Figg is about to transform spring cleaning with “Zingy Spring,” a limited-edition countertop cleaner; it is the best-selling multi-surface cleaning spray, launched on March 4, 2022.

Zingy Spring is the first in a series of seasonal scents hand-blended by co-founders Purdy Rubin and Charlotte Figg to put the “zing” in spring cleaning. On a mission to transform life’s boring chores and necessities into joyful and uplifting experiences, Purdy and Charlotte harness the magical powers of essential oils to promote physical and mental well-being through their synergistic blends.

With a limited quantity available, Zingy Spring is a fresh and uplifting scent that is also warm and comforting while instilling a sense of spring renewal and well-being. Each of the essential oils has been carefully selected for its natural antibacterial properties, including Sweet Marjoram, a cousin of Oregano, which is distinguished by its wonderful floral fragrance, Lemon – a brilliant all-rounder, Fragonia with its refreshing smell and clean and finally, Clary Sage, with its calming and anti-stress benefits.

After discovering the power of natural cleaning ingredients several years ago, Purdy and Charlotte started teaching other people how to make their own sustainable cleaning products. At the end of 2021, the family business launched its refillable multi-surface cleaning spray; Clean counter. Packaged in beautiful refillable glass bottles, Counter Clean helps eliminate single-use plastic and heavy water from the supply chain, thanks to its innovative dilutable concentrate formula.

The ultimate spring-cleaning essential, Counter Clean effectively cleans every surface in the home, from natural stone countertops to windows and mirrors, replacing the myriad (often unnecessary) plastic bottles of cleaners under the sink.

The limited edition fragrance will be available from £15 as part of a ‘starter kit’ with everything you need to start your natural spring cleaning, including a glass bottle for life, an eco – Zingy Spring concentrate, a superior quality microfiber. cloth and pouring funnel.