Pirates Early Spring Home Run Surge – Pirate Perspectives

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The Philadelphia Pirates and Phillies spring training game ended 3-3, ending after just five innings due to rain.

Without too much going on throughout the day, it seemed like a good time to reflect on the first week of spring training.

One of the most notable things so far has been the show of power from the pirates. In the 2021 season, Pittsburgh finished with the league’s fewest home runs by 20 (124 total). Unsurprisingly, they also finished last in slugging percentage.

Even in spring training, they didn’t hit as many, finishing with 29 homers in 29 games, good for 18th in the majors.

This year has been different. After Thursday’s games, the Pirates are tied with the Los Angeles Dodgers for the most home runs with 15. While they’re expected to play in 11 fewer spring training games, the Pirates are still on poised to hit more home runs in 2022 than they did in 2021.

They’ve had 12 different players hit home runs so far, including 17 in 2021.

Yes, it’s a small sample and yes, it’s just Spring Training, always fun to watch. So here’s a look back at some of the homers hit during the first week of 2022 spring training for the Pirates.

Greg Allen has been a pleasant surprise in this camp, especially from a power standpoint. The outfielder is one of three players to hit multiple home runs for the Pirates this spring. Chances are he got into position to be one of the starting outfielders on opening day.

After signing with the Pirates late in the 2021 season, Tsutsugo posted an .883 OPS and hit eight homers in 127 at-bats. Pittsburgh brought him back and with the addition of the designated hitter to the NL, it will be even easier to fit him consistently into the lineup.

Michael Perez’s tenure with the Pirates has been a difficult one. He helped continue the pass-free streak on the season, but struggled offensively. He could very well end up being the backup catcher again, even as an unlisted guest. He has completed seven homers in 2021.

It was one of the feel-good moments of the start of the 2022 season. Gamel made his last at bat count of the day, hitting a home run and then running off to meet his wife as she gave birth to their first child.

If Mason Martin can find consistent contact, we’ll see plenty of that.

Finally, you can never see Oneil Cruz destroy a baseball too many times, so here’s another angle of the one he hit.