LEC Team of the Week: Spring 2022 Split Week 7

We’re nearly at the finish line of the LEC’s 2022 Spring Split, with one week remaining in the regular season. And yet, the race for the final playoff spots is still up in the air between a handful of League of Legends teams.

Team Vitality carved out a spot in the hunt for the playoffs by winning two important matches against SK Gaming and Misfits, while Fnatic continued to target Rogue’s top spot with their third straight victory. Finally, Vetheo remained firm in their bid for an All-Pro First Team nomination with impressive play throughout a 1-1 weekend.

Here’s Dot Esports’ Spring Split LEC 2022 Team of the Week for week seven.

Photos via Riot Games | Remix by Tyler Esguerra

Alphari of Vitality

Photo via Riot Games

Before the start of 2022, many people announced Vitality as the final boss of the LEC. With a collection of superstars in nearly every role, this new roster was meant to dominate the league from the start. But if you watched the first half of the Spring Split, you might have mistaken this team for a middle organization trying to sneak into the playoffs.

In week seven, however, the team finally came to life against SK and a rising Misfits team in what was their best performance yet. One player in particular to be commended is their star top laner Alphari, who utterly destroyed the competition early in the game. He only died once this weekend and had nine kills and seven assists on Gangplank and Gnar.

Alphari is known as the most dominant laner in Europe, with the highest average gold difference in the LEC at 15 minutes, according to Oracle’s Elixir. But instead of fumbling those leads with uncharacteristic mid-to-late decision making, he and the rest of Vitality translated that early advantage into an even bigger push to victory. From great teamfights to a good macro, Alphari and the rest of Vitality could become a problem if they can stay consistent with this level of play from start to finish.

Fnatic Razor

Photo via Riot Games

Razork is in great shape this split, as is his entire team. Since the start of the season, he has honed his skills as a jungler, reaching No. 1 in the KDA stats among all junglers in the LEC, according to the League statistics website game of legends. Last week, you could say Razork shone like moonlight with his 4/0/10 performance on Diana vs. Rogue.

But when you’re playing with and against great players like Upset, Larssen, Humanoid, and Comp, it’s easy to fade into the background of the exploits accomplished by other carries. Razork has made himself as much of a star player as anyone, however, thanks to its combinations which have been destructive to his adversaries. In the recent game against the season favorites, Razork played aggressively but also rationally, constantly attacking the enemy backline and claiming several dragons on his own for his team. From the first minutes, Razork moved in search of plays and aggression even beyond his half of the map, which allowed his team to acquire the advantages necessary for a victory against the best team in the season.

Still second in the standings, Fnatic and Razork will have to prove they can hold their ground against Misfits, who are rapidly climbing the standings thanks to Shlatan and Vetheo, in the final super week of the regular season. Razork’s team also has a chance to overtake Rogue for the top spot in the leaderboard. But to do that they need Rogue to make a mistake and lose at least one game and Fnatic need to end the week with a 3-0 record.

Misfits Vet

Photo via Riot Games

Vetheo emerged as a top three, if not top two, mid laner this split on the back of nothing more than a string of solid performances tied together. At the start of the season, Vetheo was just listening to the conversations around Europe’s best mid laner. Seven weeks into the Spring Split, he’s dominating those conversations.

Vetheo leads all LEC mid-laners in KDA this spring (7.3), kills participation (77%) and ranks second in damage per minute (542), according to League statistics website legend games. This weekend, Vetheo won a huge game against Misfits’ closest competitor in the Spring Split playoff race, G2 Esports. In this match, Vetheo gave the performance of his life on Akali, posting a final score of 16/2/4. Although Misfits lost their second match last weekend to Vitality, that performance was enough to earn them TOTW honors in our book.

Fnatic’s Wrath

Photo via Riot Games

Fnatic is now on top of the mountain after defeating two heavyweights in Rogue and MAD Lions. They played with great synergy and incredible game awareness. Picking up those wins should have lifted their spirits, pushing them closer to the playoffs.

One of the main reasons for this team’s monumental success is Upset’s power and efficiency in their matches. After joining the team in 2020, he managed to fill the huge void left by Rekkles and established himself as one of the best AD carry players in the LEC. In week seven, he wreaked havoc in teamfights with his picks Aphelios and Jinx and had seven kills, 14 assists and on top of that remained immortal in both games. This is not at all surprising considering that it has the highest KDA (17.6) in the LEC’s 2022 Spring Split. Additionally, it also has one of the highest average gold, experience, and creep scores, according to the League statistics website legend games. These statistics show his dominance in the early game and the influence of his presence on his team.

Hylissang by Fnatic

Photo via Riot Games

It’s hard to believe that Hylissang, who had an illustrious seven-year career, is still upping his game. Heading into 2022, the biggest blow to Fnatic’s longest-serving veteran was his excessive aggression and its high death toll. Over the past three divisions, Hylissang has led the league in total deaths, nearly eclipsing the century mark last spring with 99 deaths in a single division. Since the start of the 2020 Summer Split, Hylissang has died 294 times in regular season games, according to League statistics website Oracle’s Elixir. With just 39 fatalities in Fnatic’s first 15 games of 2022, however, he’s on course to have his most efficient distribution in recent memory.

But even though Hylissang has seemingly lost the most notable Achilles’ heel of his style of play, his aggressiveness and willingness to press the ‘go’ button are ever so present in Fnatic’s winning formula. With 11 of his 15 games this season being played on engaging supports such as Rakan, Pyke, Thresh and others, Hylissang is essentially Fnatic’s trigger finger, just as he has been for the past two seasons. When he enters, the rest of the team is likely to cascade behind him. Only this year he found a way to get away without a scratch more often than not.