Finish your spring cleaning the quick, easy and non-toxic way

Your floors are landing zones for many things, including seasonal allergens, pollen, dander, dust, bacteria, and leftover smoke particles. Without proper cleaning, these things can harm the air quality in your home and the appearance of your floors.

Luckily, there is a solution to handle all of these nasty intrusions. The Zerorez team specializes in many types of cleaning including carpets, hardwoods, rugs, air ducts, mattresses, tiles, grout, leather, upholstery, granite, etc They can even get rid of lingering pet odors and clean common points of contact in your house.

Zerorez leads the industry in using a patented “Zr Water” cleaning system that does not include any harmful or toxic chemicals or detergents. This electrolyzed water is a step above the rest, effectively cleaning your carpets without all the extra stuff added to other companies’ formulas.

Chemicals containing toxic detergents can leave behind solvents, make your carpets crusty and attract new dirt and debris. With Zerorez, you can count on your carpets to stay cleaner longer, thanks to their pure “Zr Water” formula. Once the Zerorez team leaves your home, your carpets will also dry quickly.

Feel the Zerorez difference and get a safe clean for everyone!

Dial 425-453-9376 or go to for more information. Right now, you can have three bedrooms cleaned for just $129, and you’ll get a fourth bedroom for free! Click here to make an appointment today!