Constant force spring extends carbon brush life

Ming Tai Industrial Co. develops a wide range of constant force springs and clips for brush holder application. Constant force springs have many benefits, including extending the life of carbon brushes and reducing maintenance costs.

carbon brushes are electromechanical conductive devices that connect to moving parts to conduct electric current. They are generally used in brush motors, generators, alternators, slip rings and grounding system (protection against lightning).

Constant-force springs with a specially designed construction secure the carbon brush that operates consistently by exerting constant pressure reliably to increase brush life and reduce electrical wear.

Moreover, it has many benefits when applied to the carbon brush holder.

  • 1. To exert constant pressure on the commutator and slip ring in any brush length.
  • 2. Compact design for overall motor size and slip ring.
  • 3. Allows longer brushes to meet the requirements of large commutators and slip rings.
  • 4. Reduces sparks, reduces the influence of electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Ming Tai offers a number of different constant force springs for the carbon brush application. Basically including single coil type, dual coil type and various mounted clips for different occasions. You are welcome to contact us to develop an optimized spring solution to meet your product innovation.