Chelan County Open Burn Guidelines

Take Precautions If You’re Burning Natural Debris This Spring

information released by the Chelan County Fire Marshal’s Office, DOE file photo

If you plan to burn natural debris on your property, remember that last year’s grass is very flammable right now.

Although open burning is permitted until June 1, consider factors such as weather and wind conditions, your surroundings, and whether you can wait until conditions green up in our area. Also consider where you live. The burning of yard waste in areas of urban growth is prohibited.

The Chelan County Fire Marshal’s Office asks you to keep these outdoor burning guidelines in mind:

• Before burning, call the Washington Department of Ecology’s Daily Burn Decision for general guidance at 800-406-5322 (press option 1 then press option 2 for Chelan County). No burning is allowed if the wind speed exceeds 10 mph.

• Supervised recreational campfires are permitted in scattered campsites, private residences and campgrounds housed in approved fire circles or fire pits. The campfire area must be clear – 36 inches in diameter around the campfire – of any combustible materials. Always have a shovel and water on hand to put out a fire.

• The burning of natural vegetation is permitted on your property; however, no burning of garbage or construction debris is permitted. Maximum stack size is 4 feet by 4 feet. A 10-foot area around the pile should be clear of all combustible materials. Again, always have water and a shovel handy on site to put out the fire.

• No rubbish or household waste may be burned outside residences at any time. If your property is not located in an area of ​​urban growth, only natural vegetation may be burned.

• Burn barrels are illegal and prohibited.

• Always have at least one person on the burn pile and provide a means (hand tools and water) to control the fire or put out spot fires.

• If you have an orchard, farms don’t need an Ecology Permit to burn prunings or fire blight if it’s just branches and a few whole trees. However, if an orchard removes entire blocks of trees or multiple acres, it requires an Ecology Agricultural Burn Permit.

For more information, please contact Chelan County Fire Prevention & Investigation. 316 WASHINGTON STREET, SUITE 301, WENATCHEE, WA 98801 PHONE (509) 667-6464 FAX (509) 667-6475

Contacts: Stephen Rinaldi, Fire Marshal:, cell (509) 630-9259

Bob Plumb, Deputy Fire Marshal:, cell (509) 630-4823

**Note: Use Rivercom’s non-emergency number to report illegal fires: 663-9911**