As Oregon kicks off spring ball, Ducks seek efficiency and growth

The Oregon Ducks completed their first two spring workouts this week, and they will have 15 total workouts spread over the months of March and April. The Ducks also usher in a new coaching staff with the head coach Dan Lanning in place running the program. With new personnel in place, a new system of offensive, defensive and special teams being set up, position changes and the arrival of newcomers, what is Lanning looking for in his team’s performance after practice?

“Efficiency is always the priority for me when it comes to how we operate. Can we be more efficient with our time,” Lanning said.

During two workouts, Lanning was seen bouncing between stance drills, barking orders and even using a handheld microphone that plays over massive speakers so everyone in a block hears his commands. Everything has a purpose. The Ducks are constantly on the move between drills. On Saturday, Oregon staff made sure the Ducks knew what drill was coming next, what the mission was and where they were going from there.

“Last practice we came off the court saying we need to be better at our transitions where we stay on the court longer than necessary. And our guys have done a much better job of that,” Lanning said. after the Oregon game. second practice.

“So we pick a goal each day that we can be better at as we move forward.”

Spring is also an opportunity to try out new roles within a program. You often see positional changes in the spring as the Ducks redeploy their roster. This year is no different for either side of football. Return Seven McGee now works with receivers, linebacker Adrian Jackson moved from outside to inside and Jeffrey Bassa saw his stint in 2021 at linebacker become permanent. Offensive linemen Jonas Miller and Jackson Powers Johnson are on defense this spring.

Lanning says the spring will be about getting players as many reps as possible, but not just one position.

“Making sure we have enough reps in enough different positions. You know, something we keep evaluating is our number of reps in each location,” Lanning said. “Our guys work in multiple locations and how that affects them moving forward.”

Lanning himself is trying to push himself and his staff to be better as well. The Oregon head coach doesn’t view the spring ball as a chance for his players to improve, but all of the staff, including him.

“Every day I write notes about something that I did wrong and that I can improve in. I challenge our coaches to identify something that I can improve as well. learning and growing,” Lanning said. “Well, it’s our staff. So if there’s anything we can do better, I’m not a guy who wants a bunch of ‘yes’ around me. I want to make sure we can improve if there is something we can do better in a better way.”