Art On TheMART returns with a new spring program. Here’s what you can see next – NBC Chicago

Now that spring is in session, the popular Art On TheMART public exhibit in downtown Chicago will return with a new lineup of visuals.

Art on TheMART, the world’s largest permanent digital projection, returns April 9 for the launch of its Spring 2022 program. The exhibit is located on the side of the Merchandise Mart building and overlooks the Riverwalk.

The latest program, presented in partnership with the Shedd Aquarium, will feature the first of two screenings on the theme of climate change

The first screening to be unveiled is called pack ice and was created by Chicago native and choreographer Carrie Hanson with her dance company.

According to the organizers, pack ice showcases climate change, extreme weather, disappearing bodies of water from ice, and the human body.

“Floe invites viewers to approach climate change, mitigation and adaptation efforts with clear, resolute eyes,” the show’s website reads.

Besides, pack ice is Art on TheMart’s first screening of a series supporting the Chicago Year of Dance.

Choralthe second screening, was created by localStyle, a collaboration founded in Amsterdam by artist Marlena Novak and composer Jay Alan Kim.

The audio-visual installation features images of a wide range of coral species accompanied by electronic drones in the background.

“These fragile coral ecosystems are in a state of crisis, and Novak and Yim hope that by seeing the beauty and charisma of these wonderful creatures, the public will gain more appreciation for ocean conservation efforts,” the program says.

Both presentations will run twice a night at 8:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. from April 9 through June 29. Viewing is free for all.

In addition to the climate change series, Art on TheMART will also feature works by American artist Nick Cave, including a remix of his original film Drive-By, specially made for mass display.

“Brightly colored figures will dance across the MART’s iconic riverside facade, transporting the viewer to another kaleidoscopic riverside world,” says the Mart.

This display will run from May 5 to September 7.