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A new spray application system that can be adapted to a wide range of self-propelled and trailed sprayers is coming to market this spring.

Ag Leader has expanded its growing line of integrated application solutions with the release of RightSpot.

The latest offering in Ag Leader’s DirectCommand portfolio of precision planting, spreading and spraying technology, RightSpot controls up to 144 nozzles individually for more consistent and accurate coverage across a range of operating speeds.

Doug Amos, sales manager for Ag Leader Asia Pacific, said crop spraying is one of the most demanding jobs in modern farming systems.

“Spraying is extremely urgent and time-consuming,” Mr Amos said.

“Growers often spend more time spraying than any other field or row crop job.

“With rising input costs and tougher environmental regulations, growers need to look for ways to increase the efficiency, accuracy and productivity of their spraying operations.

“Adding nozzle-by-nozzle control to their existing sprayer can provide immediate agronomic and financial benefits by minimizing under- or over-application and the potential for spray drift.”

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RightSpot uses Pulse Width Modulation technology to maintain a constant, user-defined boom pressure and application rate, regardless of operating speed.

“A traditional sprayer regulates the rate of application by increasing or decreasing boom pressure as the ground speed of the sprayer changes,” Amos said.

“This means that any reduction in speed, such as when traveling in difficult conditions or around obstacles, will produce a larger droplet size, which will reduce coverage and effectiveness.

“Conversely, any increase in velocity will result in a smaller droplet size, increasing the risk of chemical drift onto adjacent crops.”

Mr. Amos said flow and pressure were independently monitored with RightSpot.

“This means the operator can speed it up or slow it down without sacrificing droplet size or coverage,” he said.

“RightSpot automatically shuts off each nozzle, allowing the operator to follow the most efficient path of travel rather than around obstacles.

“Automatic turn compensation adjusts the application rate on the inside and outside portions of the boom to ensure a consistent rate is applied across the entire boom during the turn.”

Amos said RightSpot is next-generation spray technology that can be adapted to any brand or size of sprayer.

He said the system was a cost-effective way to turn a late-model self-propelled or trailed sprayer into a state-of-the-art precision sprayer that would otherwise cost hundreds of thousands of dollars new.

“Twenty years ago, farmers could only change the way the whole boom worked,” he said.

“Ten years ago, they could adjust how each section worked.

“RightSpot allows them to control each nozzle individually.”

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